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Bio-Pro 380 Spring board biodiesel machine fully automated for sale in Seattle, WA buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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BioPro 380 Biodiesel Processor Quick Specifications Contact Robert TWO ZERO SIX 446.0047 Yearly Production Capacity: 18,200 Gallons of Biodiesel Batch Time: 48 Hours Fully automated Repeatable Process ASTM-grade Production Warranty: 1 Year If you need more proccessing capacity, look to the BioPro 380. This is the best Biodiesel Processor on the market today. The BioPro 380 biodiesel processor has the capacity to produce twice the output of the BioPro 190 Biodiesel Processor, and can do so in 48, 23 or 13 hours, depending on your equipment decisions. The BioPro 380 delivers scale and flexibility. This machine allows you to produce 300 to 400 gallons a week at the traditional speed, or as much as 1200 gallons at highest output. At 1200 gallons per month you could make enough to fuel a full size semi truck and make all of your deliveries on less than what you can pay at the pump. The BioPro 380 has the benefit of operating in the same way as the 190, press the big green start button and walk away. What chemicals are required? Read more about the BioPro biodiesel processor at Springboard web site. I have had this for a couple years but whith the economy change I no longer am able to use it nor did i ever really get to. I have run about 12 batches through it. its simple simple to run. my 7 year old can tell you how to do it lol - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist